1. What's the WPay Partnership Program?
The WPay Partner is a membership program, which is designed to build long-term, win-win partnerships with its members. We'll recruit the top quality agents to promote the use of WPay payment by all kinds of merchants in the Middle East. For the moment, no membership fees are charged.
2. What's WPay?
WPay is a world leading, secure and reliable online payment method, which is launched by WPay Corp. in 2019. It's committed to providing the most convenient and secure online payment solutions for nearly 380 million consumers in the MENA region. You can use WPay to pay your bills, send money to your friends and family. WPay is safer and more convenient than using physical cards or cash.
3. Why should the arabs use WPay?
WPay has a large number of reliable partners in the MENA area. WPay allows consumers to easily complete online/offline recharge operations and enjoy convenient shopping or payment at any WPay-enabled merchants. WPay is currently developing rapidly, and business development in all areas of MENA is running very smoothly. We will cooperate with more quality merchants to provide the best products and services for all WPay consumers.
4. How secure is WPay and how does it work?
WPay app can store the consumer's personal information securely. Because WPay is based on the world leading mobile payment patents, combined with the blockchain technology, which builds a value exchange system based on the trusted security in the digital world. It reduces the risks associated with online payments between buyers and merchants, so that consumers no longer have to worry about the security of their funds or privacy.
5. What are the benefits of WPay to consumers?
Free of charge;
Enjoy special offers from our top quality merchant partners;
Convenient and fast, no need to carry the wallet or cards anymore;
Safe and Secured;
Reduce usage of cash;
Fashion payment;
6. What are th benefits of WPay to merchants?
The merchant can use any smartphone or tablet available to install our app and start accepting WPay payments;
The merchant has full control of managing the branches and terminals accepting the WPay payments;
7. Where can I use WPay?
You can use your WPay account to pay at participating supermarkets, coffee shops, restaurants, pharmacies, chain stores and more. You can also use WPay to pay your bills, send money to your friends and family, and transfer money internationally.
8. Do I need a CPR/GCC ID?
No need. WPay is a Consumer Credit Card, we do not support the real name registration of the card for the time being, so please take good care of your mobile phone and password. If you lose your account, we may ask you to provide your identity evidence to confirm that your actions can be tracked.
9. Who can join WPay as a merchant?
All kinds of services can join WPay, such as government, telecommunication, educational, transportation, financial, etc.
10. What are QR payments?
QR=Quick Response. QR codes store information in two dimensions; they appear as pixelated black and white squares, each containing a unique pattern. They are designed to be read by the camera on your smart phone.