WPay is a leading, secure and reliable online payment method. It was established by WOW Pay Co. in 2019. WPay commits to providing the most convenient and safe online payment solutions for the around 381 million consumers in the MENA region.
WPay has a large number of reliable partners in the MENA area. WPay allows consumers to complete online/offline recharge operations easily, and enjoy convenient shopping/payment at any WPay-enabled merchants.
With the world's leading mobile payment patents, WPay combines the blockchain technology to build a value-based exchange system using the trusted security in the digital world. It reduces the risks associated with online payments between buyers and merchants, so that consumers no longer have to worry about the security of funds and privacy. We're developing rapidly right now, and all the business developments in the MENA are running smoothly. We'll cooperate with many more quality merchants to provide the best products and services for all the WPay consumers.
WPay was founded in 2019 by WOW PAY NETWORK TECHNOLOGY CO. S.P.C. Which has received the capital investment of Softbank(China). The company focuses on improving the financial lives of people in the Middle East countries through the self-developed mobile payment solutions.
Our Vision:
Help users in the MENA area enjoy online payment
Our Mission:
Become the most influential mobile payment platform in MENA area